The Fieldprint Calculator is a free online tool for growers to voluntarily and securely analyze how their management choices impact natural resources and operational efficiency.

What is a "fieldprint"?

A "fieldprint" is the ratio of output to input, or an estimate of the impact an input has on an output. Assuming a given output, a smaller input means a smaller footprint and greater sustainability because fewer resources are needed to realize the same end result.

The Fieldprint Calculator is a simple tool designed to help you begin to look at how your crop production operations impact the sustainability of your farm. It provides general information based on the practices that are mostly likely to influence your energy use, climate impact, soil loss, and water use. After completing the questions, you can quickly assess whether your fieldprint value is smaller or greater than county, state and national averages. Furthermore, by selecting different answers to the same questions, you can see the movement in your fieldprint blue triangle relative to the static state and national orange triangles. The selection of a set of answers is a "scenario," which represents the "what ifs" in your management choices. We encourage you to try different scenarios, so that you can observe how management decisions made across all resources affect your sustainability.

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